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Our company is deeply rooted in the sports industry.

Our rich experience in sports allowed us to settle many standards, which we strictly follow during designing, manufacturing, and selling Sportvida products.

Marking our products with Sportvida brand means that our products must meet the highest quality standards and all obligatory EU standards and directives.

Direct cooperation with our linked fitness factory ensures constant supervision on our production and deliveries. We watch the customers’ level of satisfaction and we test our products in different conditions.

One of the most important areas of our activity is to check and follow the newest market trends. We constantly search for new ideas and solutions which could be adopted to our products. 

We are present in international markets, we actively participate in the biggest sports fairs and exhibitions located in P.R.C. Each year we meet our customers, distributors and suppliers in the biggest sports fairs in EU countries. We also frequently visit countries of our official distributors to learn more about individual needs of the customers in those countries.

A great share of our activity is reserved for factories. Our crucial role is to visit and control factories, monitor the whole manufacturing process and participate in the R&D and quality issues.

Our designers work hard to make sure that Sportvida products follow the latest global trends and so that they are intersting, unique and well-crafted in every smallest detail.

We cooperate with the biggest logistics companies, forwarders and sea carriers to ensure on-time and direct deliveries to our warehouse.

We just do our best to deliver highest level of satisfaction to our customers and to all users of Sportvida products.